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Johnnie Cleveland aka JCMusic86 is a prolific Hip-Hop and Electronic music producer, and songwriter based in the Bay Area currently living in San Rafael CA, Marin County. He has had the honor to Dj and perform with The LocksmithNef The Pharoah, Zion I, and San Quinn. His performances consist of original songs and making live beats on the spot from sound kits he created from scratch with his drum machines and various instruments. In addition, he has released his first two singles in 2019 "Meraki" and "Kiss The Sky" with a fourth coming in December of 2019. Over the years, Johnnie Cleveland has been working with youth, producing local artists, headlining his own shows has been featured on various blogs and in the local newspaper, The Marin IJ.

Since 2008 the artist has been making noise throughout California and the web with his tight finger drumming skills, dynamic songs, and lofi style music videos. His art conveys a visual and audio woven tapestry; his records are honest, personal and touch on matters close to his heart. Johnnie's passion for all things art and music burn hot and you can feel that In his music. Born 1986 in San Francisco, Johnnie Smith Cleveland, Entered the Hip-Hop scene under the alias West One in 2008 teaching himself everything he could about the business and honing his craft.


JC was fascinated by art, music, and performing arts of all kinds at a very young age. He started drawing characters, writing stories and maps for video games before elementary school eventually developing his writings into songs and poems in his high school years at Terra Linda High School. There he would partake in writing and drawing sessions with other kids and started to emerge himself in the local scene of the Marin and San Francisco area. JC has been described as a “weapon of mass creation"  fusing lush portraits of sound put together organically with no loops. JC Music & Media is his independent label in which he releases his music and other works. 










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